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Real Mule Deer Chandeliers

All chandeliers can be customized.


Medium Cascading Mule Deer Chandelier

Diameter 27"-28"     Height 24"-26"     Lights 8

Also available:
Large: Diameter 30"-33", Height 27"-28"

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Extra Large Mule Deer Chandelier


Diameter 33"-36"     Height 18"-20"     Lights 8

Also available:
XX-Large: Diameter 37"-39", Height 21"-22"

Click on image to enlarge.



Mule Deer Chandelier


Diameter 27"-29"     Height 17"-18"     Lights 6


Click on image to enlarge.



XX Large Double Tier Mule Deer Chandelier

Diameter 38"-42"     Height 39"-41"     Lights 12

Also available:
Custom: Diameter 50"-52", Height 42 "-45"

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Large Mule Deer Oblong Inverted Chandelier

Length 43"-45"     Width 28"-32"     Height 22"-26"     Lights 10

Also available: Extra Large size

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